Unstoppable Confidence

Intelligent Warrior V – Unstoppable Confidence

While listening and watching The Intelligent Warrior 5, commands are flashing at 30 frames per second and professionally mixed with the audio to control your subconscious and make you believe: 

  • You are in great shape and like to show people what you are all about.

  • You have pinpoint accuracy, are very precise and virtually unstoppable.

  • You want to win and prove to yourself that you can win — that your strategy carries you to victory.

  • You train extensively to become complete.

  • You look to impress, have a clear advantage and your income begins to rise to the top.

  • You are in control and you define manifesting abundance and prosperity.

  • You have a strong posture and can stand up to adversity.

  • You are very impressive, have a great base and are extremely pleased with how your life is going.

  • You have diverse skills and take advantage of them all.

  • You are diligent and make all your actions count.

  • You spend all the energy required to succeed.

  • You survive and excel when faced with adversity.

  • You are successful in all scenarios, have no fear and let nothing derail your aspirations.

  • You seize all opportunities with or without notice.

  • You participate with total commitment and have relentless explosiveness and power.

  • You easily stay active and relaxed and are flexible in your approach.


The Unstoppable Confidence Subliminal Video

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