The Secret of Flexible Manifestation

Intelligent Warrior VII – How To Manifest Money, Power, Sex & Love In 10 Hours

-You become 100% STRONGER, more POWERFUL and “advance without limits” toward manifesting “your success picture” EASY!

-You eliminate obstacles “almost without effort” by engaging “manifestation power” which PULLS your “picture” to you — FOR YOU!

-You continue to advance DAILY and take on higher levels of competition and have many different ways you can advance — TODAY!!

-You “spiritual attraction” is energized through daily 20 minute meditations that magnetize LOVE, SEX, POWER & MONEY…

– Ideas about ADVANCING come to you FASTER than you can write them down!

– You are “ready-to-go,” in CONTROL and do what YOU WANT TO DO!

– You treat each day as the-opportunity-of-a-lifetime to make “your success picture” reality and do whatever-it-takes to keep refining and clarifying it… and you do this RIGHT NOW — TODAY!

The The Secret of Flexible Manifestation Subliminal Video

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