What do they say about our subliminal videos?

“These are some of the best, high quality, videos I’ve ever tried! I’ve seen immediate results! I love using this product because of the great results & high quality! Very grateful & happy customer!”
Rupal L.
“Usually I can have wonderful insights while listening/watching – especially when I do the writing he recommends.”
“Also there is this…..the first video I purchased with Nick was filled with images of sandy beaches and sparkling water. I watched it and I pictured myself on these beaches…….it was so uplifting. Less than 2 months later I won a trip through a local radio station….a contest that I only enterered once….for a 5 day vacation to the Caribbean Sandals resort…airfare…food, drink- everything paid!!!”
“Another time after watching a video I got the urge to check a certain message board for sweepstakes only for those in Oklahoma….I entered a Harley contest… – only one entry and only one winner for the state of Oklahoma and yep, a few months later I got the call…a brand new Harley…..My husband was thrilled.
Nick’s videos are priceless.”
Sondra Geronimo, OK
“After using the Intelligent Warrior Subliminal Video package for only 5 days, I felt empowered enough to approach my boss for a six month overdue raise. Not only did I get the raise, but I got a retroactive check for 6 months of raise, so I am thrilled. It’s really been easy for me to be more confident and more vocal and just feel better about myself. It is really terrific. Thanks you so much for creating this product.”
Amy K.
“The videos are great! I watch them daily! After I have watched them I always feel happier and like things are going to work out for the best! And they do work out for the best! Thank you.”
Barbra B.
“The videos I have purchased from you all in the past have helped me out immensely throughout my journey of life, and especially with the affirmations that you came up with that I can write down on an index card to repeat to myself is also Awesome. So “Thank You Very Much.”
Blake M.
“The Subliminal messages program is an intrinsic part of my daily regimen, enabling me to provide a powerful mind-set belief that I am healthy, happy and positive.”
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