Spiritual Millionaire

Financial Fortune II – “The Spiritual Millionaire”
You experience an amazing transformation that creates a perfect balance between Pleasure and Profit. Not only do you make more money, you enjoy it to the fullest.

YOU are about to experience the most amazing transformation of YOUR life! Unlike Anything YOU’VE Ever Seen… The Perfect Balance Between Profit & Pleasure… Which Tie YOU Directly Into The Universal Mind and The Universal Spirit! The Universal Mind Lives Within YOU! YOU Only Need To Let The Universal Mind Express Itself Through YOU! The Universal Mind is Infinitely Abundant! Guess What That Means?

When YOU Use: The Financial Fortune II, The Spiritual Millionaire Subliminal Video 2.0 in HD, here’s what happens: 

 The hardest work YOU will do is clean out YOUR Hot Tub in YOUR New House!
 YOU will restore YOUR dignity and know, once and for all, the past is the past and you will relish in your rebirth.
 YOU will “get it” and know that the life YOU have been living without love, meditation and service to others (with love) will get YOU nowhere… quickly!
 YOU will slow down and sharpen YOUR “mental and emotional swords” and suddenly have an epiphany…. YOU Got This!!
 The best part is YOUR happiness, confidence and satisfaction combined with love. It is priceless, no matter where YOU are at in life!
 YOU make more MONEY than you can spend and it all starts with these simple concepts!
 YOU learn to focus on the love and not the money. The more love YOU give… in terms of service and respect… the more money YOU make!
 YOU have the choice to travel the world, get out of debt, pay for YOUR kids college, buy a new car. It doesn’t matter! Your Choice!
 YOU will have plenty of $10,000 sleeves of CASH standing by for YOU to enjoy and be what YOU want!


AND if that’s what YOU want, YOU will spend 10-20 minutes per day working out with this spiritual exercise. It’s more powerful than you can imagine right now! YOU WILL know what it is within hours!

 YOU really will need to have a personal assistant (if you so desire), to manage your schedule.
 The beauty that YOU witness and the lives that YOU will heal as a result of YOUR presence is really mind-boggling!
 YOU will become accustomed to the finer things in life and have the income to back it up… the only thing YOU need to do is spend 10 minutes per day…
 YOU are OK and will never have worries about finances again!
 YOU realize that this is ALL about your thoughts and controlling them.

If you are afraid, please try this and you will quickly get over it in a matter of minutes… max 24 hours! Here are the profound beliefs you KNOW to be true after experiencing this video:

  I Sense A Fusion With The Great Spirit!
 The Power of The Universal Mind Lives Within Me!
 I Know That All Things Spring From The Universal Mind!
 I Am One With All Truth, Beauty, Love and Prosperity!
 I Remove All Barriers From My Thoughts and Align With Divine Purpose!
 I Am Open and Receptive To All Things That Are Good!
 My Life is Great and Good When I Perform Service With Love!
 The Right Ideas Are Delivered To Me!
 I Am Provided With The Means of Bringing Them Into My World!
 The Universal Mind is Infinitely Abundant!
 I Only Need To Let The Universal Mind Express Itself Through Me!
 My World Overflows With Creativity, Achievement and Prosperity!
 Whatever My Task, I Perform It With Love!
 I Am A Millionaire and Have Been Given This Gift In Love!
 I Take Action Immediately On My Divine Thoughts and Inspiration!

The Spiritual Millionaire Subliminal Video 2.0

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