Ruthless Competitor

Subliminal Underground IV — The Ruthless Competitor Subliminal Video

You Are Ruthless! You are Ruthless… YOU Make Huge Money… YOU Get All The Lucky Breaks… YOU FEEL Comfortable and Relaxed… YOU Have a Perfect Sense of Peace & Ease with Winning EVERY Competition You are Involved With! Everyone Thinks You’re Ruthless… The ONLY thing “Ruthless” about you is the discipline, ambition, pride, love, kindness and hope that you possess which motivates you to “clear your calendar” for 10 to 20 minutes per day!

The rest takes care of itself!! This Subconscious POWER that you possess “changes” things that you (and others) thought previously was unchangeable. This power is so amazingly powerful that THE ONLY THING you need to do is clear your calendar for 10 to 20 minutes per day and THAT’S IT! You just keep right on living how you normally do…

What you are actually doing is “re-wiring your brain” and creating new neural pathways between you Subconscious and the RESULTS you get! Modify your subconscious and Your Results Improve Automatically! THIS technique completely skips your conscious thinking. In other words, your subconscious is stronger and more powerful than YOU “think” because your Subconscious is controlling your conscious mind.

After Watching and Listening to Subliminal Underground IV; The Ruthless Competitor Subliminal Video, YOU BELIEVE:

 I Have a Steady $150,000 Per Month Income!

I Have a Wonderful House in Paradise!

I Have a Beautiful Lifestyle and FEEL GREAT!

My Power is Improving Every Day Which Makes Me Think Faster & FEEL Better!

My Life is Wonderful and Easy!

I Love Doing What I Do & Help Others Make Their Dreams Come True Also!

I Am Amazed At How POWERFUL “The 10-Minute Ritual” Really Is!

I Am So Happy and So Relieved That Everything worked out GREAT!

This Life I Live Is Inspiring and Filled With LOVE! – My Life Keeps Getting Better and Better EACH DAY!

I Am So Happy, Grateful and Content That THIS Works For ME!

I Trust My Intuition and take VERY PROFITABLE Action on “Hunches” and “Gut Feelings” Immediately!

The Ruthless Competitor Subliminal Video

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