Preparation for Power (PFP)


You Are Powerful, Wealthy, Fun & Happy! You Are In Possession of Privileged Information That Keeps You That Way… All The Time!

Feeling Good, Staying Strong & Productive ALL THE TIME is hard to do. Of course everyone wants to be happy, powerful and rich, but how many of those people actually want to prepare for it? Once you are rich, life is a “piece of cake”. It is the preparation for it… that is the hard part.

After watching this PFP Video:

You Are The “Alpha” At The Highest Level of The Game!
You Love Your Life and Enjoy Vacations To Your Favorite Places!
You Experience REAL POWER that STAYS with You All The Time!
You Feel More Happiness, Joy & Power Each Day!
You Confidently Relax & Let It Go… Let It All Hang Out!

Your beliefs create your thoughts and emotions which create your experiences and results. To improve your life, you must first improve your beliefs. With PFP, Your New Beliefs Include:

– I Become More and More Powerful AND Profitable Each Day!
– I Am Lucky! I Get What I Want when I Want It!
– I Am Exciting & Fun To Be Around!
– I Love Excitement, Trying New Things & Love!
– I Am Extremely Rich, Powerful, Kind & Loving!
– I Am Confident In Myself, My Power & My Success!
– I Am Passionate About Helping Other People & Get Paid Well!
– My Confident Power Makes Me Feel Useful, Helpful & Grateful!
– I Experience Amazement At The Results I Get Daily!
– I Experience Happiness, Joy & Power All Day Long!

The Preparation for Power (PFP) Subliminal Video

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