Money Miracle

Financial Fortune VII – “The Money Miracle”

Go from being stressed and worried about bills to being truly happy — blissfully happy!! – and have ALL the money you could ever need plus more!

We have NEVER — N.E.V.E.R seen subliminal videos do what these Nelson Berry HD Subliminal Videos are doing for people in terms of Power, Profit, Prestige and Pleasure!

First of all, the MAJOR improvements you make and the speed that you make them will absolutely astonish you! It will snap you right out of whatever you thought your financial life was about and put you RIGHT ON the FAST TRACK to making HUGE amounts of money. We’re not talking about small change here either. Conceivably, you could go from zippo to 6 figures pretty quick! If you have even the smallest “commission based, cash producing vehicle” in place, YOU COULD GO TO MILLIONS FAST!

Here are the EXACT subliminal commands on this video: 

 My Life IS Wonderfully Filled With Amazing Feelings of FUN!
I Keep Being Blessed With More Money Than I Can Spend Daily!
I Am At Peace With Myself And Love Being Rich Every Day!
I Buy New Toys And Enjoy My Money As My Dreams Come True!
I Love Helping People And They Are Truly Being Helped!
I Love The Finer Things In Life And Enjoy Them Daily!
I Experience Blissful Pleasure On A Daily Basis!
I Have An Ever-Growing Team Of Loyal Friends To Have Fun With!
My Body Continues To Become Sexier And More Powerful!
My Health Improves And My Heart Gets Stronger Daily!
I Love To Experience Abundance Every Day And Share It!
I Am Surrounded By Love And A Powerful Stream Of Cash!
I Get What I Want And Can Have Whatever I Want Quickly!
I Forgive Myself, Others And Focus On Present Value!
I Am Blessed With A Gift That I Show Others How To Use!
Life Loves Me And My Love For Life Gets Stronger Each Day!
I Take Immediate Action On My Spiritually Guided Intuition!

The Money Miracle Subliminal Video 2.0

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