Monetary Magic Ritual

Money Mentalism II — The Monetary Magic Ritual Subliminal Video! 

WE ARE suggesting that YOU HAVE MAGICAL POWERS at work all around you at all times of the day! You just need to tap into them, control them… and YOU PROFIT FROM THEM!! You won’t just ”profit by pennies”… we’re talking REAL MONEY!! The Kind of Money that will allow you to: – Get Out of Debt!

 Get Out of Debt!
 Buy a New House!
 Get Some New Cars!
 Take The Vacation of Your Lifetime… AND STAY ON IT!!
 You Can Give To Charity & Help Others OR Just Keep All The Money To Yourself! It’s Your Call!!!

Here is what YOU will experience after watching Money Mentalism II — The Monetary Magic Ritual Subliminal Video:

1. What You See: MONEY! Lots Of It! Millions!!!
2. What You Don’t See: The Following Commands Flashed at the rate of 30 per second.

 As A Result of My DAILY Rituals, I Make $150,000 Per Month!

 I Influence My Luck through Spiritual Rituals Which Program MY Mind!

 I Influence MY Income By Ritualistic Means! – I CONTROL My Environment AND The Behavior of Others!

 I Achieve and Execute Fully and Successfully! – I Fulfill, Realize and Accomplish My Income Objectives!

 I Possess Prominent and Noticeable Talents, Gifts & Blessings!

 I Possess and Control My Income Which Transcends Human Understanding!

 My Daily ”10 Minute Subliminal Video Ritual” Helped Make ME $150K Per Month!

 I Feel Very Fortunate & Grateful For My Power, Force and Income!

 I Use My Ritual Every Day For 10 Minutes Every Day!

 I Take Immediately Action On My Gut Instincts Starting Right Now — Today!


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