Love ‘n’ Luxxxury

Love ‘n’ Luxxxury

Now, for the first time ever, SUBLIMINAL VIDEO MESSAGES, the World’s leading producer of Subliminal Videos, presents a NEW and EXCITING Subliminal Series that quickly gives YOU the confidence, new ideas, and inspiration to change your life immediately. Feel the difference deep inside you in just 10 SECONDS!

Includes 6 Complete Videos

Love ‘n’ Luxxxury I – Living In Luxury
You love your “nice things” and love feeling and being RICH! You love all of your power, profit, prestige and pleasure! Did I mention you WON THE LOTTERY!?

Love ‘n’ Luxxxury II – Refined In Riches
The Refined In Riches Subliminal Video brings out the BEST IN YOU — INSTANTLY!! As you experience the joy of your wealth, luxury & expensive toys, YOU FALL IN LOVE with your profitable, fresh new thoughts, things & lifestyle.

Love ‘n’ Luxxxury III – Total Freedom
From lying in a Hammock in Maui to Soaking in Diamonds in New York, Living in Castles of France to Traveling The World on Your Yacht… This video literally takes you around the world in luxury!

Love ‘n’ Luxxxury IV – Inspired Willpower

You are Powerful, Strong, Inspired, Unstoppable, Intelligent AND Rich. When The BIG MONEY starts to flow, you realize that you have internalized The Secret!

Love ‘n’ Luxxxury V – Relaxed & Rich

You’ve made it to the top and it is VERY relaxing, exciting AND FUN!! You get an overwhelming feeling that “You Are OK” and “Life is Good”.

Love ‘n’ Luxxxury VI – Spiritual Happiness For The Ultra-Rich

You Enjoy Your Life and You Enjoy Nice Things. You Have Hit The Lottery! Everyone Wants To Know The Secret To Being Happy AND Ultra-Rich!


You now have a “taste” for the finer things in life. You now SEE yourself owning and enjoying a life of rich luxury.

You not only see yourself a wealthy person, you deeply believe that exciting image of yourself. Now receiving loads of CASH is an easy thing for you to achieve.

Those who know you can’t help but notice how you now vibrate an air of prosperity and abundance everywhere you go — you attract wealth automatically!

You have fun in life, are excited and ENJOY your new adventure in *automatic income*!

Your income impacts all of your friends and family in a VERY positive way, making your life more FUN!

You become accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle “on the inside” and it automatically comes to you “on the outside.”