Intelligent Warrior

Intelligent Warrior

This is the exciting Message Series that is revolutionizing the Subliminal Messages industry. Everyone from major corporations to top sales people and aggressive professionals have secretly used these videos in extensive Beta testing with PROVEN, IMMEDIATE RESULTS!

You simply WATCH the videos to experience dramatic results — FAST!


The Intelligent Warrior I – The Beginning … introduction to the World’s most POWERFUL Mind Control Method!

The Intelligent Warrior II – Superior Technique … possess ultimate confidence in your skills!

The Intelligent Warrior III – Achieve Your Social Potential … you’ll LOVE life like never before!

 The Intelligent Warrior IV – Aggressive Manifestation … your new, vibrant energy conquers all that holds you back!

 The Intelligent Warrior V – Unstoppable Confidence … no one can discourage you, no one can stop you, nothing stands in your way!

 The Intelligent Warrior VI – Social Mastery For Men & Women … you receive new power and mastery in relationships, love, and with the other sex!

 The Intelligent Warrior VII – The Secret of Flexible Manifestation … leave social anxiety behind, earn 10 times more!

These groundbreaking Subliminal Videos give you immense powers to achieve EVERYTHING in life — money, power, happiness, sex, and success in every avenue of endeavor.