I Love You

Suddenly YOU will FEEL love from your heart, with an intensity like few have experienced before. Most people use their heads way too much and never experience love from the HEART. This cutting-edge subliminal video delivers results – a far deeper feeling of powerful love.

Now the success you experience at work and in business can be matched by the intensity of emotions in your personal life. This is the ground breaking subliminal video that completes that Total Package for YOU!

Warrior Warm-Up Subliminal Video VI: “I Love You”

When it comes to love, too many of us think with our heads and not with our hearts. Some of us do not have the sensitivity to realize the difference between the two or how to tell what we are thinking vs. what we are feeling. In other words, am I feeling a “tug” from THE REAL POWER SOURCE or is this an intellectual motivation based on primitive instincts?

This Subliminal Video WILL Show You The Difference Between The Two In The Form of “What Love Feels Like”!

Love For Yourself!

Love For Others!

Love For All Things!

It’s Natural!

“This is WAY TOO ADDICTIVE! I LOVE IT! This is probably the best thing you have done to date! Seeing how there is a 8 Week guarantee, I suggest every person who reads this testimonial download the video and try it. I am watching it right now and healing with each second that it is playing. It is a feeling right above my belly button and it feels awesome! All my stress is gone now and I feel so grateful to have this! Thanks Nelson!” Jim Taylor San Diego, CA USA

The “I Love You” Subliminal Video

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