I Live My Dream

Financial Fortune IV – “I Live My Dream”
What would you do if you could have ANYTHING you wanted? Most of us are a little shy about admitting our Ultimate Dream or even admitting it to ourselves. Forget dreaming. This professional Subliminal Video allows anyone to HAVE IT ALL!!

Now is the time that YOU ARE LIVING YOUR DREAM! YOU are excited, upbeat and ready for each and every day. YOU love YOUR life and love how YOU feel. Everything has come together for YOU in a way that YOU have dreamed about since YOU were a baby!

After YOU use Financial Fortune IV, The “I Live My Dream” Subliminal Video 2.0 in HD, here’s what happens: 

 YOU live YOUR Dream… YOU make it come alive!
YOU live a life that YOU ENJOY and LOVE!
YOU are nice and kind and give respect where it is deserved
Every day is a dream come true. YOU are actually excited… SUPER EXCITED… to get started each day!
Love and Fun is YOUR Mantra. YOU breath excitement and happiness into YOURSELF and those around YOU.
YOU are highly attractive and have never felt better in YOUR life!
YOU are constantly making huge amounts of money to do with whatever YOU want to. YOU can make more AND go on vacation at the same time!
The power that YOU possess is amazing and IT SHOWS in everything that YOU do.
YOU have an incredible life that most people only dream about. If YOU think about it, it was YOUR dream too!
YOU have FUN in life and have wonderful people around YOU who support YOU and want the best for YOU.
YOU realize that life, and having fun in life, isn’t that hard. YOU just need to follow a simple set of instructions on a daily basis.

Here are the exact commands on Financial Fortune IV, The “I Live My Dream” Subliminal Video 2.0 in HD:
I Am A Millionaire and VERY HAPPY!
I Am Wealthy In All Areas of My Life!
I Am So Happy I Broke Through!
My Love For Others Reflects Back 10 Fold!
I Am Financially Blessed, Gifted & Happy!
I Love My Life And Love Myself Wholeheartedly!
My Smile Reflects Around The World & Back To Me!
The Sheer Amount Of Money I Make Is Exhilarating!
My Dreams Have Come True AND I’m Still Excited!
I Have SO Much Fun In My Life And Enjoy Love Daily!
I Am A Success & SO Proud of the Results I’ve Attracted!
I Embrace and Enjoy Each Day with Love & Enthusiasm!
I FEEL GOOD And Enjoy Every Aspect Of My Life Being Me!
I Am So Grateful To Have Realized How VERY Strong I Am!
The Universal Power Has Brought Me Love, Happiness & Money!
In Essence, I Get Paid To Give Others Love & Happiness!
My Karma Is Positive & Phenomenally Attractive To Others!
I Love My Life And Am So Grateful For This Opportunity!
My Life Has Come Together With Joy, Happiness and LOTS OF MONEY!
I Live My Dream Every Day And Am In Love With It… Every Day!
I Take Immediate Action On All Positive Intuitive Influences!

The “I Live My Dream” Subliminal Video 2.0

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