Power Mind Mastery
I Kick Ass

Power Mind Mastery V, The ”I Kick Ass” Subliminal Video 2.0

Everyone WANTS to Kick Asx. YOU DO IT! You Pull Off Moves That Others Only Dream About! It’s Your Power! It’s Your Love For Your Family and Friends! It’s Your Internal Fortitude That IS at a MUCH HIGHER LEVEL Than the Average Person Can Even Come close To Understanding. If they didn’t know if before, they do now! YOU KICK ASS!

The Subliminal Audio & Video Commands on The ”I Kick Ass” Subliminal Video 2.0 of the Power Mind Mastery Series:

 I Am The Best! – I Am A Multi-Millionaire!

I Represent Honor, Power, Hope and compassion!

My Life is Easy!

I Have Just Gone Through a Miracle Transformation!

My Love Is My Honor & Respect!

My Power Is The Demonstration Of My Love

My Life Is Run 100% On This Power!

I Get What I Want Almost Every Time!

I Do What I’ve Been Trained To Do!

Now I Know What I Am Doing And Life Is Easy!

The “I Kick Ass” Subliminal Video 2.0

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