How To Use The Subliminal Videos

Focus on one video per week for maximum benefit and then move to the next (the sequence of the videos is not important). Watching the video one or two times per day would be ideal. Once you get going you can modify the schedule based on what feels right for you. The key is consistent DAILY use. To speed things up, it is a good idea to have a notebook handy to jot down thoughts that come to you when watching these videos and take action on those ideas. It doesn’t matter whether you use headphones or not.

The 10-Minute Ritual

1- Pick out a goal that you want to achieve

2- Watch The Subliminal Video for 10 Minutes Before You Start Each Day.

3-. Jot Down Any Thoughts That Come To Mind As You Are Watching It AND Answer The Question: What is the MOST Important Thing I Can Do TODAY To _________?

4- YOU will be AMAZED How The right Intuitive Answers Come Immediately!

5- Take Action on Those Thoughts and You WILL BE Successful Beyond Your Wildest Dreams! Enjoy and Good Luck!