Power Mind Mastery
Foundation of Wealth

Power Mind Mastery I – The Foundation of Wealth Subliminal Video 2.0

You are going to FEEL more power on THIS video that you may have ever felt in your life in the first 10 seconds!

After watching, listening and doing the written exercise in Power Mind Mastery I – The Foundation of Wealth Subliminal Video 2.0:

 YOU Are ALL Powerful & Extremely Rich!

YOU Can Do Anything You Want!

YOUR Power Is Almost Indescribable! In A Word — ” ALL “!

YOU Live A Life Filled With Happiness, Fun, Luxury and Bliss!

You Live How YOU Want To And DO What You Want!

Among Your Peers, YOUR POWER Is Unmatched!

This video will Raise Your Pain Threshold Which Makes Your Life More Peaceful, Stress-Free, Fun And Enjoyable In ANY Way You Choose! It will Bring YOU “The Things & Circumstances That YOU Want” Automatically & Quickly! We Reveal Some New Scientific Developments With The Law of Attraction and Manifesting That You May Have Overlooked!

Here are some of the subliminal messages your subconscious will experience while viewing Power Mind Mastery I:

I Am ALL Powerful & Very Rich!

I Get What I Want When I Want It!

I Live A Relaxed and Stress-Free Life!

My Life Is Good, Easy & Fun!

I Make As Much Money As I Want To Make!

I Do What I Want To Do When I Want To Do It!

I Have Uncovered My True Power And Put It To Good Use!

I Have All The Fun & Friends I Want!

ALL People Are Attracted To This New-Found-Power Inside Me!

People Feel Me Coming Before I Even Get There!

The Foundation of Wealth Subliminal Video 2.0

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