Financial Fortune

Financial Fortune

How it works: Simply view the videos a few minute each day. You will start to feel a powerful CHANGE deep within you. This happens in just the first few minutes. To make the change go deeper, to make the change permanent, you only need to keep viewing the videos a few minutes each day. A total transformation takes place within 60 days.

Some people say “I’m up to my eyeballs in work. I don’t have a few minutes per day to watch your videos. ” To that we say you don’t have time NOT to watch them. Our professionally produced Subliminal Message Videos have been perfected over many years of research, testing, and development. That’s why we GUARANTEE you will feel and see a profound change in your life in 55 days or your money back.

You simply order. Download the video and instructions. Works on MAC or PC. There are no tricks. Just watch the video 1-2 times. Videos are often 7 minutes and 41 seconds long yet have about 50,000 video and audio subliminal messages in them. That’s like a super concentrated dose of positive thinking unmatched by any method used anywhere in the world.

Financial Fortune:

Financial Fortune I – Maximum Money Maker

Financial Fortune II – Spiritual Millionaire

Financial Fortune III – Make Millions Now

Financial Fortune IV – I Live My Dream

Financial Fortune V – Joyful Millionaire

Financial Fortune VI – Manifest It All

Financial Fortune VII – Money Miracle

Financial Fortune VIII – Clear The Way For Miracles

Financial Fortune IX – I Made 100000 Dollars Last Week

Financial Fortune Bonus – I-IX Hypnosis Session

Million Dollar Month

Power Mind Mastery

Million Dollar Month

When you use “The Million Dollar Month’ Creative Visualization video with Subliminal Messages combined with ‘The 10-Minute Ritual’ writing exercise, here’s what your mind believes:

 Your Income Skyrockets Right Before Your Very Eyes As You Program Yourself To Make $1,000,000 Per Month!

 You Have A “Stash” Of Cash On Hand To Do Whatever You Want To With Your Life!  

  You Become Richer Than Ever And Amass True Wealth With Various Investments Of Your Careful Choosing!

 You Enjoy A Life That Is ‘The Best It’s Ever Been’! There Is No Stopping You Now That You Know The Secret!

 You Enjoy The True Power To Help Yourself, Your Family And Others In A New And Powerful Way…WITH CASH!

With your subconscious mind, this truly is a case of “The Son Teaching The Father” just as Your Thoughts Can Teach Your Subconscious Mind.

Just as pouring ice cold water on your head when you are sweating cools the entire body… Dropping subliminal commands into the subconscious mind changes your entire life in quantum-leap-success-type-ways that you could never have planned out. It is an infinite power that you connect to that will do the work for you and guide you to your goal. This unexplainable power pulls your goal to you. 

This amazing transformation has been proven by thousands of our clients over two decades as the leader in subliminal messages. 

You don’t have to do it all. 

What you actually “do” is approximately 10% of the entire picture. The other 90% is done by your subconscious mind. 

Would you believe that the reason everyone is not successful in life is that they won’t take 10 minutes out of their day to re-program their mind to achieve the results they dream about? It’s absolutely true! 

When was the last time you dreamed of having a Million Dollar Month? 

Now you have THE EXACT TOOL to make this dream a reality! 

One thing we have learned over the last 20 years of Mind Programming is that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! ANYTHING! 

You Can Have a Million Dollar Day IF You Are Programmed Correctly and Have “The Right Vehicle” In Place! 

Once you are programmed correctly, “The Right Vehicle” will be revealed to you in a magical way! 

Now, with the Million Dollar Month Creative Visualization video with Subliminal Messages, YOU CAN command your subconscious mind to truly believe:

  I Make Over $1,000,000 Per Month!

 I Have Over $1,000,000 In Cash! 

  I Am Now Richer Than Ever!

 I Am The Best I Have Ever Been! 

  I Am More Powerful Than Ever!

  I Am Now Smoother In Technique!

  I Am Experiencing The Best Luck Ever!

  My Life Is Fun Transforming Into Power!

  I Love My Life!

  I Love My Power!

  I Love My Self!

  I Love My Health!

  I Love My Growth!

  I Love My Wealth!

Those are the exact audio AND video subliminal commands on the Million Dollar Month Subliminal Video.

When YOU Believe, YOU DO!

Million Dollar Month Subliminal Video 2.0

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