Cash Captivating Charisma

In Pleasurable Profits III – The Cash Captivating Charisma High-Powered Subliminal Video:

You naturally and automatically eliminate social anxiety because of your focus on helping others.
You possess an ”Attractive Internal Excitement” that exudes and attracts fun, friends and BIGTIME financial opportunities.
When you KNOW what you want, you do not hesitate! You ALWAYS take action immediately! Imagine these beliefs guiding your subconscious mind:

I Feel Fresh, Loved & Pure!

I Feel Energetic & Hopeful!

My Energy Attracts People!

My Energy Attracts Money!

I Feel Faith & Kindness!

I Am Curious & Encouraging!

I Am Powerful & Profitable!

I Am Clean, Loving & Happy!

I Am Content, Colorful & Excited!

I Emotionally Excite Others!

I Offer Simple Fun Solutions!

My Solutions Create Massive Money!

I Communicate Hope, Happiness & Humor!

Keep in mind, you don’t have to watch all 7 videos in one sitting (although you certainly can if you want to, they’re just that enjoyable!) You’ll get the best, deepest, and fastest results if you watch these Subliminal Videos as your time allows. Watch in the morning for a few minutes before work. Watch during lunch. Watch in the evening when you’re relaxing. And spend some time with the videos on the weekend. Remember, just a few minutes or even seconds produces PROVEN results!

This is one of the MOST EXCITING videos we’ve ever released because of the magic-like transformations we’ve seen. It COMPLETELY UPLIFTS YOU from stressed, uptight, overweight, hard-core… into a light-weight, freedom bound, high volume communicator… ”*Minister of FUN, Happiness & Wealth.”

After watching Pleasurable Profits III, The Cash Captivating Charisma High-Powered Subliminal Video, you do it like this:

You embrace the chance to make people FEEL better and see if you can help make THEIR life better.

You have a solid confidence in your ability to gain trust AND quickly determine what a person wants & needs to make their life better.

The Cash Captivating Charisma Subliminal Video 2.0

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