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”Simply watch, then feel the warm power of professional subliminal messages working deep into your subconscious!”

These scientifically proven subliminal messages FLOOD your subconscious mind. Suddenly you feel empowered, confident, relaxed, and ready to immediately achieve ANYTHING you desire!

Your subconscious mind is laser-focused and fine-tuned!

You are a Spiritual Powerhouse! You’re Calm & Relaxed… Inside & Out. Your subconscious mind is doing all the hard work… You just show up!

You get what YOU want with little effort! Your friends are suspicious and wondering HOW YOU GET SO LUCKY ALL THE TIME!?

You ENJOY your life and spend your time however YOU want to spend it!

This will give you another good feel for our extensive line of Creative Visualization / Subliminal Videos.

Here are the commands on The Angels Subliminal Video:

– I am an Angel and Am Surrounded by HUGE POWER!
– I am STRONG and POWERFUL mentally!
– I am STRONG and POWERFUL emotionally!
– I am STRONG and POWERFUL physically!
– I am STRONG and POWERFUL spiritually!
– I Possess a VERY STRONG Power To Execute My Will!

These are both visual and audible subliminal commands.

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