$5k Per Day

How important is it – really – to be in possession of an optimistic, expectant, intention-based mindset?

ALL good things seem to come from this powerful outlook.

Is YOUR life REALLY Good?

Did you answer — both?  Good AND Bad?

So did most everyone else…

Do you “do what you like and like what you do”?

Is the glass “half full”?

There is a line that is crossed with each result we have in life.  Think of it like “The 50 yard line”. On one side of the line is “half empty” and on the other side is “half full”. Depending where we are on the field, we can pretty much figure out what our results will be.


RAISE your weak perceptions into STRENGTHS and BALANCE out your attitude 100%

Become inspired by ALL people and feel a *SURGE OF LOVE* inside you that can’t be contained

WAKE UP out of your “sleep walking life” and FEEL your inner guide directing you in all areas of your life

Feel confidence growing in your belly so strong that all emotional pain is replaced by strength and power

Your fear of rejection or other people disappear. You are empowered to proactively GO FOR IT and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

All areas of your life come together in relation avoiding any one area growing disproportionately out of balance

You actually WANT to do the right things and get 110% enjoyment from doing the right things

You will possess unlimited amounts of love to share with others. You won’t feel “drained” after unconditionally   loving other people?

What would it actually be like for you AFTER this happened?

Take a few seconds to consider the distinct probability these life-changing events CAN and WILL happen with Subliminal Audio Video Entertainment!

SAVE Technology combines SSE Subliminal Audio with Flashing Subliminal Video Messages at 30 frames per second. It packs the hardest hitting “subliminal punch” ever made available!  WARNING: This method is so powerful it shouldn’t be used more than 20 minutes per day.

$5k Per Day Subliminal Video

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$5K Per Day

The Good Life

Attitude Of Gratitude

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