$1000 Per Hour

Money Mentalism IV — The $1000 Per Hour Subliminal Video

I GUARANTEE YOU that by using Money Mentalism IV, The $1000 Per Hour Subliminal Video for only 10 Minutes Per Day is equivalent to working HARD for 10 HOURS. In other words, you do this for 10 minutes per day and YOU WILL receive the same BENEFITS — in terms of Time, Money, Fun & Love — as you would without using Money Mentalism IV, The $1000 Per Hour Subliminal Video.

Here is what YOUR subconscious will believe after watching Money Mentalism IV, The $1000 Per Hour Subliminal Video:

 I Make $1000 Per Hour! – My Mentalism Power is Strong & Forceful!

 My Desire, Passion & Results Improve Daily! – My Positive Power & Energy is Obvious to Me AND Those Around Me!

 People can FEEL My Power in Their Presence! – My Life is Filled With Luxury, Fun, Excitement & Love!

 My Ability to Attract Money is EASY NOW! – I use ”The 10- Minute Ritual” Daily and MY life Drastically Improves Each Time!

 I LOVE MY POWER! I Nurture & Grow It Daily!


 I Take Action on my Intuition Immediately, Right Now — Today!

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